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Food Insurance Essentials Kit Review

The essentials Kit, is one of there most popular models for couples, or single adults, and contains enough food for 2 weeks for one person. Importantly, it also has 1500+ use water filter, for drinking and purifying water on the run. But there are some things you should know before you decide on the Essentials Kit……..




Food Insurance Emergency Plus Kit Review

The Emergency Plus Kit Features everything in the Essentials Kit, plus adds some other goodies. First off is the Emergency All in One Tool which is more than convenient in a survival situation, and is really high quality for this type of kit………






Food Insurance Two Week Food Supply Review

Ok, first of all, you need to note, kit has 14 Breakfast portions and 28/lunch dinner portions. I guess they figured, you could eat the same food for lunch as you do for dinner. This pack is great for re-filling after a trip or if you already have your own grab and go bags, for re-stocking the food supplies. If you do the math on this kit, you will realize…….





Gluten Free Food Storage Review

This product sets Food Insurance apart from the competition in a BIG way. I say that because there are several members of my family with Gluten sensitivities and a few true Celiac’s . Finding survival food for them is next to impossible, as gluten is in everything with wheat or flour. Let tell you some of the greatest things about this kit……….




Vegetarian Food Storage Review

So while, I am not a vegetarian, I can understand that some people are, (like my whole family) so while this kit has no appeal to me, rather than seeing my family starve while, I am enjoying Chicken ala King, and Beef Stroganoff, I suppose this product has a place. Actually as you will see it includes lots of American Favorites, and a few other surprises……..



I want to talk for a moment on Food Insurance the Company.

1. Shelf Life ~ There food is packaged and prepared for a true 25 year shelf life. With some foods, this is no big deal, but for soups, oatmeal, meats, etc… which they carry, this means a lot of extra expense goes into preparation. In the food industry with so many players, you really do get what you pay for. Cheap food, is cheap food.

2. How is it stored ~ Although they sell cans of food in boxes, Food Insurance is best known for there Grab and Go Bags, which have soft pack mylar bags sealed inside. This is the best packaging for any scenario requiring mobility.

3. What does it taste like ~ Every freeze dried meal I have had from Food Insurance, was GREAT. Seriously, I would serve this food to guests, in a pinch. The chicken is always nice and moist, and the perfect texture, same with the vegetables. I am not sure how they do this, but it is the best Freeze Dried food I have ever tasted.

4. What is the Company Like ~ I think this needs a bullet list

– Rated A with the BBB (In case you were home schooled, and A is very good)
– 30 Day Return Policy (which in the food industry is good)
– Customer Service is Prompt (I have got responses within 15 minutes during the work day via email from them)
– Shipping, Nothing funny going on here, they just charge actual shipping costs, unless you buy a lot of food (over $1000) and then they cover the shipping.

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