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Price: $159.99
Meals: 42
Days:14 – 1 Person

Ok, first of all, you need to note, kit has 14 Breakfast portions and 28/lunch dinner portions. I guess they figured, you could eat the same food for lunch as you do for dinner. This pack is great for re-filling after a trip or if you already have your own grab and go bags, for re-stocking the food supplies.

In fact hikers and campers, are the most likely users of this kit. There isn’t much to review here, except to tell you that the kit comes with a bunch of smaller bags packed in a huge mylar bag. If you do buy this, you are free to open it up and divvy out the smaller packs for camping and hiking trips.

If you do open the big bag here is what you will find.

Granola with Almonds,
Chocolate Protien Shake

Orange Powder Electrolyte Drink
Long Grain White Rice
Lasagna with Meat
Beef Stroganoff
Creamy Chicken RotiniĀ  (tastes great)
Rice and Chicken.

Works out to about $3.78 a mealā€¦ which is the best deal from Food Insurance, if you are just after the food, and not the backpack and other goodies.

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