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Price: $699
Meals: 270
Days:90 – 1 Person

Ok, now this is a product that sets Food Insurance apart from the competition in a BIG way. I say that because there are several members of my family with Gluten sensitivities and a few true Celiac’s . Finding survival food for them is next to impossible, as gluten is in everything with wheat or flour.

If you are Celiac, or have a wheat sensitivity, you already know what I am talking about, and if you aren’t then this review isn’t going to help you anyhow.

So what comes in the three month pack, is really a bit limited, but exciting to have none the less. Think about how everyone tries stockpiling 1000 Lbs of wheat etc…. which will do nothing but hurt a Celiac. So as you can imagine, having a supply of food that is your very own, even if it is a bit limited, is a wise, and important thing.

Here is what you will find in your Gluten Free Food Insurance Kit.

40 Servings of Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal (at least it is a nice flavour)
50 Servings of Buttermilk Pancakes (you still have to cook these ones)
90 Servings of White Milk Substitute (Buy your own Corn Chex’s they last forever)

28 Servings of Cheese and Potato Soup (Tastes good)
37 Servings of Cheese and Broccoli Soup (Tastes…. like broccoli soup)
31 Servings of Vegetable Soup (No Comment)
36 Servings of Potato Soup
48 Servings of Chili
92 Servings of Rice
206 Servings of Orange Drink Mix (tastes like is sounds)

All of these are packed in #10 Cans, and the whole package ships in four Big Boxes. There are a total of 658 servings for a realistic 270 Meals enough for one person for three months.

Also you should note that the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, has certified this pack….. Those intolerant people.

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