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Price: $249
Meals: 90
Days:30 – 1 Person

Ok, so while, I am not a vegetarian, I can understand that some people are, (like my whole family) so while this kit has no appeal to me, rather than seeing my family starve while, I am enjoying Chicken ala King, and Beef Stroganoff, I suppose this product has a place.

While, I haven’t personally purchased this pack, I have tried much of the food it contains, and can say with certainty, that it lives up to Food Insurance’s promise of good food (I wouldn’t call it gourmet, but that is just cause, my vegetarian sisters, are all amazing cooks).

The food in the pack all comes in Mylar sacks, and so it makes a good replacement food source for hiking and camping. Without further hesitation or blathering, here is what you get in the Vegetarian Food Insurance Pack.

40 Servings of Pancakes (no cows in here)
40 Servings of Oatmeal (I was so hoping there would be beef in my oatmeal)
28 Protien Shake (vegetable protien, duh)

14 Servings of Cheesy Mac (Like macaroni and cheese, but gourmet)
21 Tomato Basil Bisque (seriously!!)
21 Creamy Chicken Rotini (wait what……. um, it is meat free chicken)
24 4-Bean Chili
24 Hearty Potato Soup (it is almost lunch time, andI am getting Hungry for soup)

For a grand total of 104 servings…. which if you mix and match a bit, works out to 90 filling meals.

The whole thing comes in a huge box with a tonne of mylar pouched full of food.

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